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Partners in Anesthesia is a boutique anesthesia staffing firm that specializes in locum tenens and permanent placement of Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNAs) and Physician Anesthesiologists at healthcare facilities across the U.S. As a CRNA-owned staffing firm, Partners in Anesthesia is committed to providing employers with the most professional, skilled, and safe clinicians quickly and cost-effectively. Partners in Anesthesia leadership has one of the largest CRNA-to-CRNA and CRNA-to-Physician Anesthesiologist networks of any anesthesia staffing firm. Employers have direct contact to Partners in Anesthesia leadership 24/7/365 and we will work around the clock to assist you with any needs.

Value of a CRNA-Owned Staffing Agency

As practicing CRNAs, we have intricate knowledge of anesthesia staffing and leadership and will work with employers to deliver the most personalized solution that is tailored to the specific needs of your facility. By tapping into a close-knit network and working-relationships with skilled clinicians, our vetting process is less of a guessing game, and more of a certainty, unlike non-clinician-owned staffing firms. Partners in Anesthesia is committed to providing only the best talent, and is very selective in hiring, so as to maintain the highest quality of care and professionalism to patients, employers and their brand. When clinicians are hired by Partners in Anesthesia, we have complete confidence that employers, surgeons, staff, and administrators will want to keep them.


Partners in Anesthesia strives to help employers with staffing-related and non-staffing-related services that are directed towards efficiency, cost-containment, revenue-capture, compliance adherence, and representation. Through shared goals and a common vision, Partners in Anesthesia provides employers with clinicians that are in line with the mission and core principles of employers. By conducting a thorough intake assessment with employers, extensively vetting clinicians, and communicating transparently with all parties, employers and clinicians needs and expectations are met. Partners in Anesthesia holds itself accountable for the clinicians and selects only the clinicians it deems best in representing themselves, the Partners in Anesthesia firm and its employers. If requested by the employer, Partners in Anesthesia may attend site visits and in-person corporate meetings.


Partners in Anesthesia only recruits clinicians that have passed competency-based evaluations and have furnished case logs which qualify them for the privileges required by employer facilities. As a CRNA-owned staffing firm, Partners in Anesthesia has an extensive network of collegial relationships with CRNAs and Physician Anesthesiologists and can attest to the technical abilities of many of the clinicians that we recruit. As a boutique staffing firm, quality over quantity of clinicians takes the greatest precedence and we recruit only the most competent, safe, reliable, and professional clinicians.

Settings / Facilities

Partners in Anesthesia provides clinicians to a variety of facilities. From hospitals to ambulatory surgery centers, and government facilities to office-based practices, Partners in Anesthesia is prepared to staff any facility.


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